Q2wash Fortador Steam Wash

Q2wash Fortador PRO+ powered by LAMBORGHINI is a unique steam cleaner. Due to its small size and high power is great as a mobile and stationary car wash.

Q2wash Fortador PRO+ powered by LAMBORGHINI has three separate 5-liter boilers ensures a constant flow of steam and the possibility of continuous operation without the need for “cooling” and stopped. Q2wash Fortador PRO+ powered by LAMBORGHINI allows you to clean upholstery and wash any surface at the same time by two independent operators from two guns.

The Advantages For Q2wash Fortador Steam Wash PRO+ Powered By LAMBORGHINI Steam Cleaner

Disinfects – according to Sanitary Inspectorate laboratory tests states that using Q2 Fortador Steam Cleaner disinfection perform with chlorine kills microorganisms, fungi, bacteria. As additional factor high steam temperature in range of 110-120°C or 230-248˚F allows it to perform disinfection without using any detergents or creating water waste.

Eliminates odours– steam emitted by the Q2 Fortador Steam Cleaner has neutralizing odour properties, which improves comfort in the cleared room or any interior. Saves time and money – cleaning with dry steam does not create any water or chemical waste. You will use less than 4 litres or 1 gallon of tap water to clean one pickup truck VS 400 litres or 100 gallons using a high pressure washer. Applying hot detergent with steam by Fortador saves 60 % chemical costs VS regular water car wash. Q2 Fortador also protects the environment!

Saves fresh water –constant price increases, lack of fresh water with often restrictions is a common worldwide problem. Climate change is not Hollywood fiction but fact and this problem will increase. Governments fight with it creating new rules and financially disturb outdated technology which is used for cleaning with tonnes of valuable fresh washer and creates water chemical waste. Q2 Fortador Steam Cleaners reduce water

ECO option – Q2 Fortador allows operators to provide two detergents with hot steam simultaneously by pressing a button. Press the same button again and you will use only eco-friendly dry steam. Steam technology reduces the chemical waste emissions to zero since only steam cleaning available. Not only does it eliminate the high cost of chemicals and detergents but especially does not cause allergies, skin irritation and the damaging of cleaned surface.