Car Wash

GEOWASH is an experienced company for more than 10 years in the business of manufacturing, operating and franchising ecological car wash. GeoWash designed a high quality car wash system on the world it’s personalized and manual wash that takes care of every single detail in each car.

Geowash is not only mobile and luxuriously convenient, it is 100 % ecological and environmentally friendly, saving millions of litres of water annually. Eco-friendly Geowash is saving hundreds of litres of water by cleaning hundreds of thousands of cars around the world.

Geowash carts are fully autonomous and do not require connection to water hoses or electicity outlets whilst roaming the car park. Geowash cart does not leave water, foam or dirt on the floor. They can be used indoors.

Geowash operators are fully trained and they develop their jobs under the most strict discipline and quality expectations. They report to a supervisor to assure a high quality service and hassle – free operations.