Q2 Car Care

Q2premium car care detailing specialists

Q2 Car Care is a full-service car wash facility consist of the following features, the pressure wash and vacuum stations complete with fragrance and carpet shampoo dispensing machines etc. In an effort to optimize our position as premium car care detailing specialists.

Q2 Car care have its own process that meticulously cleaning, reconditioning, and maintains a car to make it look its best. We are dedicated about establishing and maintaining a premium car wash operation in the region, particularly known for the quality of services go beyond that of a simple car wash.

Q2 Headlight Clinic

Welcome Q2 General Cleaning Services LLC is an ecofriendly mobile car wash company currently being owned and run by the Board of Directors that has been in the ecofriendly mobile car wash industry for almost 7 years serving prestigious clients. They will be incorporating an additional service of Headlight restoration Clinic for their valuable customers/clients. The division will be funded by the Board of Directors of Q2 and will have a readymade target market from Q2’s existing client list.

Professional Headlight Restoration Clinic Service:

Plastic lenses can yellow with stage, reducing headlight brilliance. Headlights fail to brighten as far as they should, mean you’re only seeing part of the picture. When this occurs it is harder to see while driving at night, but more significantly, it reduces the capability of approaching traffic to see you. To increase your safety while driving, we can restore oxidized headlights, yellow to the pure brightness of new headlights without replacing them. Q2 Headlight Restoration Clinic performs a 6-steps process to recondition your headlights.

Our mobile service provides professional headlight restoration clinic at your location so that you can have a new car headlights one more time after you restore it. This is much more than a headlight cleaning it’s a complete and lasting restoration!

  1. Our process removes the oxidation, the yellowing, the cloudiness, scratches, paint or smoking of headlight lenses and even external cracks.
  2. Actual Headlight Restoration is more than just cleaning and polishing headlights.
  3. The method & technique we use creates headlights look and function as brand new.
  4. Why you think to replace your headlights with the high cost of buying new headlight assemblies, you can restore it & save your money.

Save Your Money and the Earth

The planet Earth is in necessity of all the consideration we can give to ‘Save the Planet’.

Every time headlights are replaced, but are still repairable, we are adding to the waste that is being dispersed to landfill, which takes years to Crumbles.

Over a period of time the sun’s halogen bulb heat, harmful UV rays, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your headlight lenses. Those forces can result in headlights that look dreadful in appearance while losing its most important function, the capability to illuminate. We have the system that restores headlights to their original factory like condition at a part of the replacement cost. Our Mobile headlight restoration Clinic saves you up to 86% off the cost of replacement headlights.