Q2 General Cleaning Services is providing its customers with a European top of the class truck wash service, our aim is providing convenience with an environmentally-friendly approach, as our Truck Wash service is provided upon the location required by the client.

The way our device operates is assuring cleanliness on the sides, tyres and top of the truck, giving it a brand new clean outlook, this is the ideal option to make any truck stand out by providing it with an outstanding clean visual attraction.

With our service we save our clients time by only requiring 5 to 10 minutes for a full truck wash to be completed depending on the size of the vehicle, with such a speed we can accomplish cleaning more than 6 trucks within the course of 1 hour out of a single water tank, state of the art delivery, quickness and uniqueness is what our truck wash service provides.

In great addition to our exclusive service, the service is environmentally friendly, requiring only 25 litres of water for a full wash, as opposed to the regular 250 to 500 litres which is needed with traditional truck washing methods, saving the environment hundreds of thousands of litres of water.

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