Q2 Mobile Truck Wash

Welcome Q2 General Cleaning Services LLC is an ecofriendly mobile car wash company currently being owned and run by the Board of Directors that has been in the ecofriendly mobile car wash industry for almost 7 years serving prestigious clients. They will be incorporating an additional service of Truck Wash for their valuable customers/clients. The division will be funded by the Board of Directors of Q2 and will have a readymade target market from Q2's existing client list.

About Q2 Truck Wash

Q2 Truck Wash is Bitimec’s answer to the vehicle- washing needs of bus and truck operators wanting to maintain an elevated company image and sense of reliability by always keeping their fleets in perfectly clean condition.

Q2 Truck Wash allows companies to perform consistent, inexpensive, high quality washes every time, on whichever type of large vehicle they operate, without the heavy investment in buildings, equipment or valuable floor space required by other mechanized systems.

Speedy Wash 626 EZ

The brand new, faster, top-of-the-line machine all couch potatoes will love! The EZ Drive 4WS (Easy Drive four wheels steering) 626 makes washing a vehicle easier than ever, and faster than ever! An absolute innovation in single brush bus and truck washing, the integral, extra smooth steering system includes:

  • Central drive wheel
  • Four steering wheels
  • Two full function steering controls (one control standard)
The interaction of these components provides absolutely smooth, feather touch steering with total control of the machine in both directions, allowing this unrivalled model to wash better and faster than ever.


Best suited for: quiet, emission-free indoor/outdoor operation

  • Top-of-the-line EZ Drive system makes the machine wash even faster and seem feather light
  • Washes up to 30 buses or trailers on just one charge, more than any competitor, guaranteed
  • Quiet: the first & only 100% battery operated truck & bus wash machine
  • Emission-free for indoor or outdoor operation
  • Autonomous: carries its own water, detergent, and power for completely untethered operation


  • Two controls for safe two-directional operation, with unobstructed views and double productivity
  • Proprietary brush-only inclination system: protects vehicle from contact with steel frame while providing maximum stability
  • Fully electric 24 V battery drive provides maximum efficiency without power conversion loss
  • 420 L/112 gal. water tank
  • Stainless steel frame: non-corrosive, doesn't rust, warrantied for life

Comparison between manual wash and speedy Wash

Manual Wash

Speedy Wash


1 bus/truck normally consumes 500ltrs to 600ltrs for wash

Only 120ltrs require to wash the whole bus/truck

75% - 80% of water saving

4-5 labor requires to wash the single vehicle

Single operator can wash the whole bus/truck

Low man power required

One bus/truck acquires 15-20 mins to get washed completely

Good operator can wash the vehicle in max 8 mins

Time Saving

Outsourcing Service cost around AED 70 – AED 100

NO outsourcing

100% Cost Saving

Operational Video

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Corporate Address

209, Al Owais Building, Port Saeed, Dubai - UAE