Q2 Headlight Clinic

Along with our eco-friendly services we also focus on the safety aspect of the driver, with our headlight clinic we enhance the light capability of the front headlights providing the driver with an improved visibility during their drive.

Headlights are made out of plastic as opposed to the old days when they were made out of glass, more specifically out of polycarbonate plastic, with that kind of plastic being exposed to the sun and the heat of the light bulbs for a long period of time, the headlights tend to crumble and the strength of the plastic weakness, which allows it to become foggy and develop a yellow colored surface, preventing the light coming out of the bulbs to be displayed in full clarity on the road, which harms the safety of the driver.

With our Headlight Clinic, the front lights become as good as new, providing the driver with a clear long visibility of the road ahead, the enhancement and cleanliness lasts for more than 8 months, the driver will only need to take this service twice a year for a full clean and safe year ahead.

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