Geowash and Environment

Geowash offers an innovative washing system for vehicles because it is portable, autonomous and almost waterless; therfore it does not need any infrastructure for water drainage and drastically reduces the water consumption per service (Less than 2 liters compared to 90/180 of other car wash systems).

Moreover, GeoWash, works with a 100% environmentally friendly product line. That is why our concept is the best choice to actively contribute to preserve the environment and save millions of liters of water.

We are proud to be the world's most Eco-Friendly Car Wash System!

At GeoWash we're all about leading the way in saving water while cleaning cars around the world. However, there are many other ways we can save water in all our daily lives. To keep up to date with our water savings competitions, fund raising initiatives, latest water saving news, and tips & tricks to help you save water in your daily life, we invite you to visit some of the following websites:


Eco-friendly car wash helps save 2.3m liters of water in just one location.

Geowash's Cleaning concept uses minimal quantity of natural resources and energy.

Opting for a mobile, eco-friendly car wash service is not only convenient, but it saves millions of liters of water annually.

In Abu Dhabi's Al Wahda mall, we cleaned 164,904 vehicles over the last 18 months. This means, in comparison to traditional methods, we helped save at least 2.3 million liters of water". "While our method uses less than four liters of water, industrial methods on average use 228 liters. Washing at home has been found to be even more wasteful.

GeoWash bagged a one- year contract to offer their services at the Abu Dhabi municipality's parking lot, which can accommodate up to 5,000 vehicles.

"Water conservation is an important responsibility that we take seriously. With a consumption rate of 550 liters of water per person per day, the UAE has one of the highest per capita rates of water use in the world. Average amount of water used during car wash:

  • Home wash - 370 liters
  • In-bay car wash - 205 liters
  • Conveyor wash - 280 liters
  • Industrial wash - 228 liters
  • Geo wash - less than 4 liters

Aquatic Resource

Measured per capita, Abu Dhabi has one of the highest rates of personal water consumption in the world, with residents consuming an average of up to 550 liters of water per person per day.

This is equivalent to 367 large water bottles per day (based on a 1.5 liter bottle) • This is almost three times the global benchmark of 180 liters per day set by the United Nations. Each resident accounts for an average personal domestic water consumption of 200,750 liters. Experts fear that Abu Dhabi could face water shortages as soon as 2012, based on current consumption rates and forecast population growth.