We at GeoWash provide our clients with top of the line cleaning services with only premium products, the items we use are internationally certified and made specifically to maximize the washing result, our products consist of:

GEOWASH TOWELS: Our towels are 100% microfiber and consist of duel pile weave which boost the shining and cleaning details of a wash.

GEOWASH SPONGES: The sponges we use are carefully designed to maximize the absorption level while maintaining the dirt they absorbed within them during the washing process.

GEOWASH SHAMPOO: Our special shampoo is water based, biodegradable premium liquid solution with international standards for quality, the clear liquid includes wax and it has been carefully made to provide the car with an ultimate shine which can last for up to a week and provides protection against ultraviolet sun rays.

GEOWASH TYRE POLISH: Our polish is water based and biodegradable, it has been designed in a specific way to ensure that the wheels stay with an intense shine for several days and do not get affected by sand, dirt or dust.

The GeoWash cart is the core of our organization, this revolutionary innovation of cleaning cars which is made in Argentina has taken over the industry, and we are proud to say that we were the first organization to launch this movable cart washing method in the U.A.E. The benefits of our unique carts are 1st that they are easy to maneuver, 2nd they don’t require daily charging, can last for up to two weeks from a single charge, 3rd they don’t require to be connected to a water hose and 4th they don’t leak water or leave any types of dirt or foam on the ground.

Our washing method is environmentally conscious, we aim of only providing services which are friendly for the environment, as our requirement for water only ranges from 2 to 5 liters for a full car wash, we are saving on average around 40 to 60 liters per-wash as traditional car washing methods require up to 50+ liters of water, till date, we have managed to save up to 500 Million liters of water within the U.A.E.


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