The Importance Of Water

Water is arguably the most important substance that exists for our survival, it’s one of the four essential elements of life (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) it has also been mentioned several times in religious books as being the necessary factor for every living thing, throughout history water has proven to be of great importance, simply put, without water there is no life.

Humanity has been taking water for granted in recent generations, even though over 60% of the human body consists of water, the reality is people aren’t valuing it as they should.

Let’s imagine for a second a world where there is shortage of water, what will be missing in our life? Starting from the simplest example, people won’t be able to wash dishes, cars, cloth, even for people to take a shower, from that germs, dirt, viruses will develop, people will become ill and soon after will vanish. There will be no food, as animals require water for survival and all crops are in need of water for growth. There will be no earth, as our planet took over 4 billion years to develop in the liveable habitat it is today, without water, our earth will be a solid unliveable rock. The importance of water is vital in every single aspect of life.

At our current generation we do not have any options besides our own earth for survival, humanity hasn’t yet developed the technology required to travel through space and we still consider it being impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, in 2009 astronomers have discovered a far planet which can sustain life that is now known as Gliese 667cc, this planet is believed to be the closest habitable environment to our earth, it is 4 times bigger than our own planet and has a younger sun than ours, meaning scientifically that the planet will last longer than our solar system, the distance to there is 22 light years away, which equals to 209 trillion kilometres; to get an idea of how far that is from earth, the very core of our solar system, our sun, is almost 150 million kilometres away from us, the closest landing planet which we couldn’t reach until this date is Mars which is 54 million kilometres away, the only place in space which our technology has managed to get us to is our moon which is 370,000 kilometres away, so the distance of reaching the closest possible planet that can sustain us seems farfetched, however, it is believed that spaceships that function with nuclear energy can reach Gliese 667cc within 75 years of continues traveling, that’s only a generation away, but with humanity spending its energy on wars and using nuclear energy for atomic bombs instead of development, us reaching another planet will only depend on us and our choices. The question now is how do we sustain the water that exists in a positive manner and live with what we have?

70% of the planet is covered with water, however, only 3% is considered as fresh water, and over 2.3 billion people around the world are exposed to diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever which are water related, on an average every year over two million people mostly children die from water related causes, it is expected that by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortage.

How humanity can solve this on-going challenge is by uniting towards a common cause, not only to save water but enhance our supply of it for the future, people need to wake up and start taking action, the technology for enhancing our water supply exists, but it is being developed for warfare purposes instead of environmental enhancement, that technology is known as HAARP or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, it is based on antennas piled up on a common ground which send electrical waves simultaneously to the atmosphere and in return can manipulate the weather condition and cause the weather to rain, that technology is instead used to create typhoons and cause earthquakes for war purposes.

Humanity is in need of a wakeup call before it is too late for it, the change shouldn’t be left for our grandchildren to carry-out, it should be done by us for them to be able to focus on developing the world further not them putting their energy into fixing our mistakes.

How can we make a change?

The change can be done starting from individuals, to stop wasting water by the simplest of ways, just turning the tap water off when it’s not needed can cause a great impact, it might seem as a simple worthless action to do and most would ask would it make a difference? Answer is yes, take into consideration if that is done during a regular day, and just one litre of water is saved by an individual, the power is within numbers, now what if just a billion people do the same not even the whole world, we’re talking only about one-seventh of the world, that’s a billion litres of water saved in a single day, let’s continue with that thought for a year, that would result to 365 billion litres of water being saved in a single year, by doing a harmless simple action which everybody is capable of doing billions of litres of water can be spared, people will influence each other and a point of time will reach where all 7 billion plus people existing now will be doing this action, saving trillions of litres of water, to most this will sound like a crazy fantasy dream, but remember that over 500 years ago when the famous Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci came up with the airplane concept all thought of him as a fantasy lunatic, fast forward to now, you can purchase a ticket online and find yourself on the other side of the planet within a day, there is nothing that can be justified as being impossible, it’s us and our own brains that are setting the limits, the creativity within all humans is limitless, so there is no doubt that if people truly want to make a difference and save trillions of litres of water it can be done by will and action.

The change also needs to be created by businesses on a bigger scale, greed and competition is a big factor in all industries, rarely would you see the heads of a company saying ‘’ok I’ll take a rest, let my competitors take some of the market share because life is about sharing’’ that’s simply out of the question with the business oriented mentalities that we have developed in recent years, and that comes at a great cost for nature, paper companies are cutting off billions of trees on a yearly basis to produce their products, manufacturing companies are polluting mass areas of water dumping their waste in it, automobile companies are harming the fresh air we breathe on a world scale while the technology for battery and solar cars is available and was available for over twenty years now, businesses cannot keep pushing for their self-greed at the cost of the natural environment, nature has provided us with an unbelievably complicated and astounding life system which allows us to exist, and we’re destroying it on a daily basis, why? So that few can profit at the cost of nature and the future of humanity to be put at risk? What is being done is not morally right nor is it logical. How things can improve is by focusing our energy on positive development, instead of investing trillions of dollars yearly on creating weapons, those trillions can be put into creating machines for example that transform undrinkable water into drinkable and implement that system on a continental scale, imagine if whole of Africa was capable of transforming the water from the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea and make it capable for people to consume it, a whole continent will be saved from thirst, the 70% of water around the world that we have can be put to great use, the technology of transforming salt water into drinkable fresh water exists, but it has not been put into a massive functional system to help billions of people, it can be done and it should be done.

And last, the change needs to happen within, let’s face the fact, it’s us who is doing harm to nature, nature hasn’t been designed to harm us, unless and until we find our intuitive harmony with nature again that we once had thousands of years ago, we won’t truly understand the importance of what we’re doing, every human should look at it from this perspective and ask themselves, would I want to leave my kids in a world that they will suffer in? or would I rather leave my kids and the kids of others a world that they can unleash their unlimited creativity and happiness in? The answer is obvious, based on your answer start doing the action for change.

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