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Year of Innovation
UAE Officials declare 2015 “Year of Innovation”

The UAE Government declared 2015 “Year of Innovation” and announced a new National Innovation Strategy with the aim of becoming one among the most innovative nations in the world within a 7-year period.

The National Innovation Strategy was first announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, on 19 October 2014. Later on 30 November 2014, the UAE Federal Cabinet of Ministers met to approve the designation of 2015 as the Year of Innovation in a plan to make the UAE a world innovative leader.

“Announcing 2015 as the Year of Innovation comes to support federal government efforts, attract national skills, increase distinguished research, as well as boost efforts to build a national cadre who are able to lead our future in this field towards more progress, prosperity and innovation” said His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. “We live today in a world witnessing rapid changes and continuous developments, full of opportunities, discoveries and inventions” he added.

Dubai Police go green with eco-friendly bikes...

January 27, 2014
Dubai: An environment-friendly electronic motorbike to be introduced to the Dubai Police fleet soon will improve safety, thanks to its ability to move in narrow spaces.
Major General Khamis Matter Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief, who tested the bike at the Dubai Police headquarters yesterday, said the new electronic motorbike would help support Dubai Police’s efforts to provide quick service when required, especially at events when early involvement and protection of life and property is crucial.
The new bikes, he said, will be used to secure a number of events, and also act as tourist attractions in heritage sites as well as shopping malls. Maj Gen Al Mazeina tried the eco-friendly electric bike in the presence of Brigadier Anas Al Matroushi, deputy director of the operations department for transport and rescue.
The eco-friendly electronic bikes can also be used by traffic controllers in tourist areas and heritage locations where traffic is heavy. The bikes, he said, are still under trial and will hit the roads soon.

“The new green bikes were previously tested and studied by the Operations Room of the Dubai Police,” said the police chief.

The Dubai Police, he said, are working on creating an environment that is safe, clean and attractive. It is keen to adopt the latest technology in providing effective services in line with the UAE’s strategy in preserving the environment and health and safety of the public according to international standards. Introducing environment-friendly bikes will add to the country’s keenness to contribute towards sustainable development and will reduce carbon emission.

The Dubai Police, he said, have implemented several initiatives recently to help the environment such as planting mangrove trees in Ras Al Khor, which later became a restricted area that is now globally recognised.

Dubai Taxi launches 20 eco-friendly hybrid cabs

It’s easy to be conservation conscious in theory, but in practice, it takes sacrifice and discipline. The Bureau of Reclamation found that the Colorado River’s worst drought in 100 years could affect agriculture and hydroelectric power production, reports. If the drought continues, desert residents could see more direct consequences, including higher water costs and limits on the amount of water per household.

The World Water Crisis

A look at the various aspects of the lack of clean water in different parts of the world including wastage and overconsumption, water shortage and unclean water, water borne diseases and water pollution.